The final hurrah!

Our last day in Bangkok, and our last day in Asia.  Tomorrow we begin the long trek back home.  Usually at this point in the trip, we have mixed feelings.  We are a little homesick, but also well settled in and could stay longer.  But home beckons so off we go.

Today we visited two companies, Sanmina and IBM.  At Sanmina we learned about the EMS, electronic manufacturing services, business.  Thanks to Matt for being a gracious host, as always.  In the afternoon we learned about cognitive computing with IBM and Watson.  Watson is an artificial intelligence system that will answer questions posed in natural language.  Watson defeated two former Jeopardy champions at their own game. Thanks to Lek for hosting us today.


Matt from Sanmina explains the nature of the EMS industry.


Morgan and Natalie show of the latest fashion in electrostatic protection.


Lek from IBM discusses cognitive computing (artificial intelligence) to the group.


We had enough funding for one more group dinner, so where else would we have it but at Queen of Curry?  Jarek takes a dare to eat some incredibly spicy food.  He’ll be sorry in the morning.


James and Troy try on their custom made suits.  The tailor shops in Bangkok are incredibly aggressive, but they do good work.  They even make these guys look good.

That’s it!  We could write a lot more, like about the great ear cleaning pilgrimage of May 26, or the hygiene technology scandal of May 24, but it’s probably best to keep a little mystery in the trip.  Thanks to everyone who makes these trips possible, and to a great group of students.  Hopefully we’ll pick it up again next year.



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