Stars and Stripes and Soup!

We visited the US Embassy, Commercial Division this morning and we heard from an Embassy official and someone from the American Chamber of Commerce.  Lots of really good information on how the Commercial Division and the AMCHAM is working with US (and some Thai) companies doing business in Thailand. We also got some really good information on the complexities of Thai culture and how culture clash can impact how US businesses operate in Thailand.  Thanks to Anna Rogers for arranging our visit and the speakers.

In the afternoon, we became Thai cooks!  We visited the Silom Thai Cooking School and made our own lunch.


Rachel from the US Embassy explains her role in working on trade deals between the US and Thailand.

You think Bangkok is normally hot?  Head upstairs and fire up 17 woks.

The staff at the school laid out everything we needed.  As a result, we made some pretty impressive food.

Trying out our mortar and pestle skills.  There seemed to be a lot of pent up aggression being released.

Enjoying the fruits of our labor.

That’s all for today!  Tomorrow is a big day.  Elephants!


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