Wat did you say?

A good traveler is always flexible.  It’s good to have a plan, but equally good to just go with the flow when the plan falls apart, as it often does.  We had a visit to Sanmina scheduled for today, but there was a problem at their end and we had to reschedule, so we found ourselves free for the day.  Some went to get fitted for suits.  A bunch of us hopped a ferry to Wat Pho, one of the most famous temple complexes in Buddhism, and birthplace of Thai Massage (which one student last year described as paying someone to beat you up for an hour).

On the ferry.  For a modest fee, you can basically ride the ferry all day, hopping on and off the various piers to see different things.

We passed through a small, extremely odoriferous market on the way to the temple.  Dried fish was on the menu.

Some of the ladies were required to don these very attractive chartreuse garments.  It’s a good look.

The statuary and architecture at the temple is impressive.


When one Buddha just won’t do.

We’re calling this “The Cats of Wat Pho”.  It is part of a larger documentary Russell is doing called “The Cats of Thailand”.  Russell is kind of our Cat Whisperer.  I hope they have rabies shots in Thailand.


When he’s not harassing Asian felines, Russell likes to hang out with creepy monkey gargoyles.  Well, who wouldn’t?


Separated at birth.


Next to Wat Pho is a cute little bungalow known as the Grand Palace.  The people love their king.

We stopped at a different pier on the way back from the temple to go through the flower market, which is really as much about vegetables as it is about flowers.  Many Westerners don’t understand places with a wet-market culture, where people go out and buy fresh food every day.


Thai food features lot of chilis.  This is why we hear screams every morning.


Like many of the places we’ve been in Asia, Bangkok is a curious mix of ancient and modern.


Queen of Curry!  This is always our group meal in Bangkok.  Jirasin and her staff have put together an award winning restaurant in a tiny little space.

That’s all for now.  Tomorrow we visit the US Embassy, and do a little cooking of our own.  See you later.


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