Sawadee Bangkok!

A free morning, a quick plane ride, and here we are in the capital of Thailand!  It’s still hot. So very hot.  But the people are super friendly, the hotel is marvelous, and we are looking forward to our stay.


Mac, John, Troy, Russel and I went temple hunting this morning, walking out towards Little India.  It’s amazing to see the entire flavor the the city change just by crossing the street, from a predominately Chinese culture to a predominately Indian one.


Ronald teaches us the Wai, the traditional Thai greeting.


What’s going on with the people in the costumes?  We don’t know, and that’s what’s so cool about it.  We were just walking around, ducked into an alley, and there was a makeshift stage set up with some kind of performance going on.  Today is Wesak (Vesak), the celebration of Buddha’s birthday, and we assume this was part of the celebration.

Not much else to report.  Tomorrow we visit the famous Chatuchak market.  Check back and see what else is new.


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