Big hills and big bugs.

Today we visited one of our perennially favorite spots, the Tropical Fruit Farm!  The TFF is not a commercial orchard, but rather a tourist driven conservation project for exotic fruits from all over the world.

On our tour of the fruit farm.  Our guide is an enthusiastic promoter of the health benefits of the various fruits.  His claims are a bit over the top.

Mr. Quah, the owner of the fruit farm, explains how they use fruit scraps to create enzyme rich vinegar.  The vinegar is used as fertilizer and for human consumption.

In the afternoon some went to the beach, and some of us went to Penang Hill, via an amazing funicular train ride.  At the top are temples, restaurants, and other tourist type destinations.  But the view was spectacular.  Note the millipede.  It was about 8 inches long.  Directly above is our new tradition:  Jerky at the cemetery!  It’s a long story.

Dinner at Naughty Nuris.  The service was lackluster but the food was great.

That’s all folks!  Tomorrow we have a free morning, and we leave for Bangkok in the afternoon.  See you then.


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