Penang redeems itself…

With no jerky and 94% humidity, Penang was on shaky ground, but we gave it a another shot and it came through for us.

This morning we visited DB Schenker, one of the world’s largest logistic companies.  Penang is at the heart of the southeast Asian electronics industry and DBS is well positioned to be part of that.  After our visit and warehouse tour, DBS took us to a local seafood restaurant for a terrific lunch.  Plus 1 for Penang.  Thanks to Ivy Lee and her colleagues for their hospitality.



Soon, everyone will be dressing like this.


At Tambun Seafood.  In southeast Asia, the best food is not at the fancy restaurants, but rather places like this.  We’re sitting at plastic tables with basically an awning over us.  The place has barely a gravel driveway.  But the seafood is fresh and delicious.


We found RotiBoy!  We had to hire a van to take us to an out of the way shopping mall, but we scored some RotiBoys.  Plus 2 for Penang.


Temple Wars!!  We’re at the the Thai Buddhist Temple, which is across the street from the Burmese Buddhist Temple.  I didn’t get to visit the Burmese temple.  I was walking around in the blazing sun, looking for jerky.


And I found it!  It isn’t from the same store that I usually go to, but we ate half of what we bought right there in the street and it was terrific.  Penang is back on firm ground, no doubt much to the relief of the city officials and the Sultan of Malaysia.

That’s it!  Tomorrow we’re on a quest for some fruit.  Stay tuned.


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