No Jerky?

Sometimes on these trips you have to take the rough with the smooth.  A few years back we missed going to Bangkok because of the military coup.  Once we may or may not have (temporarily) left 10 students behind in China.  These little hardships build character, but today was almost too much to bear.  My favorite jerky store was closed!

We left KL this morning for the 5 hour bus ride to Penang island.  My tradition upon reaching Penang is to take the students to get bak kwa, which is a kind of soft pork jerky originating from China.  Imagine our dismay upon arriving (after a 20 minute walk in the searing heat) only to find the store no longer there!  It was a sore blow, but we are determined to give Penang another chance.


At least the Red Garden Food Paradise didn’t let us down.  Our first meal in Penang is always at the Red Garden, endorsed by such food luminaries as Anthony Bourdain.


Our group consists of good eaters, but no one tops Troy for speed.  I think he’s able to unhinge his jaw.


That’s it!  Tomorrow we visit DB Schenker.  See you in 24.


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