Teams and Tigers

Our first full day in Singapore proved to be a very busy one.  In the morning we visited the Singapore Sports Institute.  SSI exists to support sporting endeavors by Singaporean citizens at all levels, from elite athletes to kids pickup teams.  We toured their very impressive ($1 billion) facilities and learned about their very scientific approach to promoting excellence  in athletics.  Thanks to Anthony and Rex for a great visit.

In the afternoon we visited the Singapore Zoo, considered by many to be the best zoo in the world.  This is always a favorite destination for our groups and today was no exception, even with a monumental thunderstorm and pouring rain.


Jess and Mac, waiting for our tour of SSI to begin.  They are smiling but they are crying on the inside.  The heat is stifling.


Here is the gang with Anthony Loh (left) in the SSI offices.  It’s a laid back and fun place, as you can see.


We heard from many different trainers and other experts on SSI’s team.


The large tennis ball was signed by a famous tennis player; can’t remember who.  So Troy stepped on it.


In the 55000 seat national stadium.


Russell, Troy and James posing with some creatures in the Singapore Sports Museum.  We don’t know what they represent, but they’re kinda cool.


The Singapore Zoo’s white tigers.  My favorites.


A large freaky bird.


The zebras didn’t mind the rain.100_4966.JPG

Lauren astride her noble tortoise.


After the zoo many of us visited Lau Pa Sat, one of the largest and oldest hawker centers in Singapore.  The hawker centers are the heart of the food culture in Singapore.

That’s it!.  Check back in 24 and see what we’ve been up to.


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