Ni Hao Singapore!

We made it!  Singapore welcomed us with its customary humid embrace.  The locals tell us it is unusually hot, even for them.  Great.  Most of us determined not to sleep on the last leg, from Dubai to Singapore, to adjust ourselves to the 12 hr time difference, and I think most of us slept anyway, so I anticipate major jet lag in our future.  We visit Sport Sinapore in the morning, and then the Singapore Zoo in the afternoon.  See you then.




Above: There they all are at JFK Airport, fresh faced and read to go.


On the plane from Dubai to Singapore.  Less than fresh faced.  There might be some drooling going on but I didn’t zoom in.  Some lines you just don’t cross.


And now on the bus to our hotel in Singapore.  Groggy, smelly, but still in relatively good spirits.


Jonathan with a dish of Fish Head something or other.  Gotta dive right in to the culture.


At a local outdoor cafe just a few minutes walk from our hotel.  They aren’t used to serving such a big group at once, but we all finally got food and it was very good.  I have to say their chopstick skills are impressive.

That’s it!  See you tomorrow. (or rather, later today)


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